When a patron calls me…






Every time I walk into a library I feel like I’m being judged by the librarians like oh you’re a teenager don’t you have a village to burn down or something

We don’t judge.

lucille judges you


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When someone threatens to go to my supervisor with a complaint.

no don't come back

When that annoying student asks my staff if I’m available.

no nononono

When I am trying to close the library and there is one student taking his sweet time getting his ass out the door.

glacial pace

When people mumble questions at me.

dont hear it



Then I say:

get out

Not really.  I have to be polite to patrons.  But I’m thinking it.

When I’m closing the library on Friday and a student tries to get in to print something last minute.

do not know you

When a student says he wants to be a computer support specialist…

…but has never typed a paper before.

oh for gods sake

When patrons ask if they can bring their children in to the library after reading the ‘No Children Allowed’ sign.

no no no

Why I don’t allow children into the library.

gonna get ugly

When I’m trying to fix a printer and someone insists on standing RIGHT BEHIND ME.

no touching!

Watching people try to walk in through the library exit door.

Schadenfreude, baby.  Always brightens my day.

How I feel dealing with certain students.

youre really stupid

It isn’t my fault they don’t listen when I speak.  See my mouth moving and hear the words coming from it?  They actually mean something.